Design for Prevention


The Design for Prevention is a practitioner‘s guide, a vade mecum for the professional engineer supporting his due diligence towards prevention-law compliance. It is his handbook of proven techniques and tooling for delivering effective prevention systems pursuant to the professional engineering and conditions of license for the requisite context of prevention design. 

The Holy Grail of Engineering Design


  1. BulletContemporaneous compliance to design law

  2. BulletResponsibility for design outcomes: accordingly future dynamics oriented

  3. BulletUnexampled intelligence-informed project productivity, efficiency.

  4. BulletNonverbal, hard-transparency design release

  5. Joint restriction between hard transparency and fraud

  6. BulletUnerring, running forecast of project outcome. It is the Everest of social system understanding.

  7. BulletOpposite and complementary to institutional process; doing for the institution what it cannot do for itself.

  8. BulletA hotbed for serendipity and innovation

  9. BulletSignificant personal psychological benefits. Block increase in personal goal-seeking productivity. Assimilating the D4P is something you do for yourself.

Welcome to Design for Prevention

A Publication of the Institute for Professional Standards of Care